• Opera is not an élite genre, opera speaks to all of us: it can teach us a lot about life and it is and incredible instrument to understand ourselves; opera is also the best form of live theatre!
  • We don't put on stage ourselves but human kind.


  • A staging has to present something necessary, necessary to our lives. Even a light comedy must have something to say.

  • What I find crucial is to look into a work and see what is in it, but by the same token every art form needs renewal, needs to be able to speak to a modern audience.


  • Art is not a choice is a call

    Journalist — El Espectador

Cambiale di matrimonio - Theater an der Wien
"The staging evokes the aesthetics of silent movies, albeit in pleasing colours. This approach makes sense for a farsa as both genres indulge in dramatic excitement and exaggeration. … the audience leaves the performance with happy smiles on their faces. "
Sanpdragon, bachtrack.com

Satyricon - Royal Danish Opera
"It is highly entertaining in all its grotesque portrayal of rulers decadence with millionaire politician, the priest, the general and media people, who commit adultery, and drinking in a cloud of vanity, eloquence, toileting, cocaine and submissive slaves."
Henrik Friis – Politken

Cenerentola - Festival Internacional de Música, Cartagena

"Para Spirei la ópera es un medio que ofrece la posibilidad de reivindicarnos con nosotros mismos y con la sociedad. La Cenicienta de Rossini, que prepara, no es una excepción. Para él, esta clásica historia es toda una lección de vida: “La Cenicienta de Rossini es un cuento filosófico”, dice pensativo. “Y el cuento se convierte en una lección moral. La niña es maltratada por su padre y por sus hermanas, en todo le va mal, pero ella nunca renuncia a ser una buena persona y eso al final es recompensado. Lo interesante es que al final de la historia tiene la oportunidad de vengarse de quienes la ofendieron. Pero decide perdonar, y ese es el mensaje más maravilloso del cuento. Tú no debes reducirte al mismo nivel de las personas malvadas, debes sobreponerte siempre a ellas y tener como meta ser una mejor persona, incluso si fallas en el intento. No hay odio que pueda vencer al odio”.
El Espectador

Pagliacci - Wexford Festival Opera
“Top marks, to Vincenzo Rana leading from the piano, the director Jacopo Spirei and the designer Cristiana Aureggi.”
Roderic Dunnett, The indipendent

Madama Butterfly - Co-opera Co London
“Spirei had rightly chosen to concentrate on the fascinating interactions between the characters….. This was a fascinating and involving production, with the detailed personen regie one of its strongest points."
Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

Nozze di Figaro - Co-opera Co London
“Jacopo Spirei’s production charted the plots multiplicity of events and swift reverses assiduously and with consistent point…"
George Hall, Opera Now

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